These exciting crystal chandeliers and lamps of our production can be entirely and fully customized.
Discover and live our collections or tell us about your project.


Inspired by the culture of Austria, We created beautiful crystal chandeliers with love and passion perfectly realized, up in the last details, by hands of our artists.


Wonderful masterpieces. Our beautiful Empire chandeliers add elegance and brilliance to the large rooms and halls.


Born for the passion for the beauty, for its elegance and style. Through the preciousness of the crystal, it expresses an ability to furnish classic and modern places.


Precious and purely artisanal, these works of arts show the talent of the Venetian artist.
Beauty made by hand with the wonderful Murano glass.


Glamorous glass meets the pure 24KT gold. Our chandeliers are pieces of art that, with their gold frame, strike crystal drops.

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